How to Include Fireworks in your Party

By November 30, 2019 Guest blog

How to Include Fireworks in your Party

Guest blog from Stuart at Firework Crazy

Fireworks can brighten up a party in an instant. They are fun and exciting, not to mention a versatile type of entertainment that people of all ages enjoy. Here are a few tips to help you to successfully include fireworks in your next big party or event.

Consider the space constraints

The first thing to know about fireworks is that they come in many different sizes in terms of the power they pack. This has an impact on how much space you need to set them off safely. The good news is that there are fireworks for all sorts of spaces.

You can even hold a display in a small garden, as garden fireworks only require an 8-metre minimum safety distance. For bigger effects, you’ll often need more space. Think about the space requirements and always check with your party venue for any conditions they might impose on your display.

Another thing regarding your surroundings is to think about the noise. If you have many residential buildings nearby, you might want to drop them a note to say you’re having a fireworks display and notify them of the date and time.

Another option is to minimise the disruption and opt for low-noise fireworks. These won’t cause quite as much noise and can be a great choice when you want to keep it quiet.

Do it yourself, or pay for a fireworks display?

It’s also possible to create a display by hiring a professional fireworks company to set it all up, or you can buy, set up and fire your own fireworks. Creating your own display is not too difficult and there are many professional style fireworks you can buy to create magnificent shows.

A great DIY display can last 5-10 minutes. There are lots of fireworks that can last up to a minute so you don’t need many more than 5-10 unique fireworks for a good show. To add some variety, combine different types of fireworks together, such as fountains, rockets and mines for a stunning display.

Put safety first

Whether you are doing your own display or hiring a professional firing team, safety is the most important part of the show. Always follow the instructions on how to handle and store fireworks and ask your fireworks retailer for tips. Make sure everyone adheres to the safety parameters and if you have small children attending the party, ensure they are being looked after. Animals should naturally be kept indoors or on a leash, as they might be startled by the sound and run away.

Small tricks for extra impact

The above tips will help you throw a successful display at your next party. If you want to ensure you make the most out of your fireworks, then here are a few tricks that can help you add a bit more oomph to your show. You could:

  • Colour code your fireworks with your party’s theme colours
  • Add music to your display
  • Use special fireworks that create symbols and letters on the night sky
  • Photograph your fireworks to enjoy them after the party as well

Fireworks are a great addition to all sorts of parties. You can include a display to your wedding, children’s parties and business events. So make sure your guests can enjoy a bit of fun and create a magical fireworks display with these tips!

If you want to add some extra sparkle to your next event, visit Fireworks Crazy to find out more about their professional firework display packages.

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Photo by Vernon Raineil Cenzon on Unsplash

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