Building the Future we Dreamed of

By May 27, 2019 October 2nd, 2019 Oligra

Building the Future we Dreamed of

The story of Oligra

Wishing you a very warm welcome to our shiny new website, we are thrilled to finally share our business with you. For our very first blog, we thought we’d give a quick introduction to who we are and how Oligra came into being.

Our team currently consists of two people: Niquita (everyone calls me Keet) and Sara. We have been best friends since we met stacking shelves at Waitrose (the height of glamour) during our college years. After graduating from university, we returned to Waitrose for a time to fund our three-month backpacking adventure across South East Asia – truly an experience we will never forget.   On our return home, we both decided it was time to focus on our professional lives, taking us down very different paths.

Sara has six years’ B2B marketing communications experience spanning brand, digital, content, social, events and corporate comms. Originally working with corporates on their sustainability engagement strategies, she now heads up marketing for a global language services and intellectual property company (bit of a mouthful). In all of her roles, Sara has been responsible for planning and delivering events in the UK and further afield – from staff parties to sales conferences and investor meetings.

How Keet would describe Sara: honest, innovative and dedicated.

Keet has worked in the charity sector for all of her professional life. She started work at Victim Support, before studying further and specialising in domestic abuse. Keet became an Independent Domestic Violence Advisor, supporting victims/survivors of domestic abuse/violence. The aim being to reduce the risk posed by the alleged offender by working with the victim/survivor as well as other agencies to ensure they were as safe as possible. Within the role, Keet would also assist in arranging, attending and speaking at fundraising and awareness raising events.

How Sara would describe Keet: meticulous, a good listener and imaginative.

Even though we took very different paths professionally, both involved work within events planning and project/case management has been a central part of our day-to-day working lives. Outside the office, event planning has been a hobby for us both. With our sense of creativity, keen eye for detail and project management skills, we jump at any chance we get to arrange an unforgettable experience for family and friends – did someone say party?

We have always toyed with the idea of going into business together and knew that if we did, it just had to be events planning. It’s what we love and what we’re good at (we think so at least!). On the 3 February 2019, sat at Sara’s dining table with tea and cake (essential components of every meet up), our husbands egging us on and our decision to not let fear get the better of us, ’Oligra’ was born. Oh, and we should probably mention, the biggest reason for the decision was two of our favourite people; no James and Sam (husbands), we aren’t talking about you. We are talking about Grace and Olive, our little girls. Becoming mothers has changed our lives completely and for us, the importance of showing our girls that women can be great mothers and successful business women became too great to ignore. What better way of showing them the importance of following their dreams than to do so ourselves. In case you haven’t already figured it out, Grace and Olive not only inspired us to build the future we dreamed of, but also inspired our name.

We fear our promise of keeping this brief could be coming under threat, and trust us when we say we could go on forever. So, for the time being, we will leave it there. We hope this gives you a little insight into who we are.

To find out more about our event management services, click here.

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