An Interview with Laura Bell, Hair Stylist

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An Interview with…

Laura Bell, Hair Stylist

Welcome to our first ever ‘an interview with’ blog, where we speak to the lovely and extremely talented Laura of Laura Bell Hair. Laura is an elite stylist at Pure Hair in Lightwater, Surrey. She is also a Moroccanoil UK Ambassador and runs her own blog. But that’s not all. Laura is also mummy to her totally gorgeous son, Arlo. It’s fair to say that Laura is a complete mum boss.  

Laura works her magic on Keet’s hair and we know it’s cliché to say, but Keet is forever talking about what a wonderful hairdresser and friend she found in Laura. Laura has been there through it all; rectifying the damage travelling caused (Sara cut Keet’s hair with medical scissors – don’t ask, it seemed like a great idea at the time), to cutting Keet’s long mermaid-like hair to a lob (which Keet then decided she wanted to grow out again), to styling Keet and Sara’s hair on Keet’s wedding day. Laura is our go to for any hair related advice, so we thought why not share Laura’s knowledge with you too. 

Laura is always suggesting great hair care products, so for this interview we thought we’d pick her brain on how to look after your hair in the run up to a big event and how to make your hairstyle withstand the event itself. 

So, you’ve got a big event coming up and you want your hair to be perfect. What products would you suggest a client uses to ensure their hair looks as healthy and shiny as possible? 

Whether you opt for a salon blowdry or you style your hair at home, I’d recommend Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray to give a veil of shine when you’ve finished styling. Not only will this help your hair to reflect light better, therefore giving more shine, it also protects against UV. 

If a client expressed that their hair was feeling really dry, what could they do to give their hair a burst of hydration? 

My first suggestion would be to make sure you’re having regular trims. 6-8 weeks is the perfect time between appointments and sometimes anything over that timeframe results in the ends feeling dry. My go-to product is Moroccanoil’s signature product, Moroccanoil Treatment Oil. A blend of argan oil and shine boosting vitamins help to nourish, smooth and ensure your hair feels more manageable.   

You’ve got a best friend’s wedding coming up and you want to add volume to your hair. What could you use in the run up and on the day of the event to get that luscious voluminous hair? 

To create maximum volume I’d suggest setting your hair from wet to get root lift. Even better for a friend’s wedding, I’d suggest treating yourself to a blowdry! Cleansing the hair will remove natural oils from the root, and layering products from roots to ends will ensure the volume and root lift stays all day. Moroccanoil’s Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, Root Boost and Thickening Lotion would be my go-to combo. 

You’ve decided to go for a soft wave for your 30th birthday party. What do you use to keep this in place for the evening? If at the last minute you decide to go for an up-do instead, would you suggest different products for this? 

Soft waves are always a good idea! I’d use the product combo mentioned in the last question and when the look is finished I’d spritz with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium. This hairspray is buildable, brushable and flexible meaning if you do change your mind, you could easily pin it up.  

Talking of up-dos, do you have any tips and tricks for controlling those annoying flyaway/baby hairs? And what is the best way to keep an up-do secure so it doesn’t constantly feel like it’s going to fall out? 

To control flyalways, once again I’d use a hairspray. My top tip would be to spray the hairspray on your brush before lightly running it over the flyaways. To keep an up-do secure I’d normally spray Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray through the hair before using pins to give them extra grip. 

Finally, do you have any tips to promote healthy hair without the use of products? 

To keep your hair healthy I’d recommend regular haircuts (6-8 weekly). If you’re not using products I’d also recommend minimal bleach and heat!  

We could continue to ask questions all day long, but we will leave it there for now as Laura is a very busy woman. Thank you so much Laura for taking the time to chat with us. 

Go have a look at Laura’s Instagram account to see her amazing work, @laurabellhair.  

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